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If we talk in context of the whole world, then at any point of time, the past and future will majorly differ from each other. Just a few years, the world is completely a new place. Technology and advancement both are synonyms to each other. The surprising growth in science and tech field is revolutionising the world since ever and will keep going the same way forever. While it comes as a surprise to see the latest advancements and upgrades in our gadgets, some of us stay curious what’s the next. And that’s obvious. Photography too has come a long way and still has a lot of room for upgrades. Ever wondered what the next generation camera will look like? What features the next versions of these wonderful machines are going to have? If you do, know about some predictions about the future of photography –

Smaller yet smarter cameras

That first ever giant has crossed countless milestones so far to be evolved in what we know as modern cameras. Easy to carry and fabulous at their jobs. However, the next versions are on the way to hit you with a surprise. The upcoming cameras to reportedly get even smaller and have a super classy look. While it’s not confirmed what exactly they will look like, we can assume how advanced there tiny giants going to be. From exposure to shutter speed and the lenses, everything will be designed to make sure that your special moments are captured in more stunning pictures.

Stronger sensors

The strongest part of your camera is going to get even stronger. This upgrade will surely enhance overall experience of photography. Better the sensor is, greater the pictures are. The researchers at the companies like Microsoft are spending extra hours in their labs in order to bring a revolution to the photography world. How cool that camera would be that is inbuilt in your contact lens covering just 5% area of it? And as per the expectations, the picture quality of the camera will be surprisingly awesome. It will record things in a quality as you see them.

Expansion of photography jobs and business

If you bet that the photography will control a big part of job market in near future, you stand higher chances of winning. Technology is taking big leaps in the field of photography and the day is not much far when photography will be a big producer of countless jobs and businesses. Be it journalism, travelling, blogging, cinematography, hosting on YouTube. Even freelancing photography is expected to see a big growth in upcoming years.

Photography apps

The future belongs to AI. You can witness some highly advanced features in the editing and photography related apps in coming days. Like holding your camera over a product to get every information about it within a blink. Many more features are around the corner that can make your life easier and will sharpen your photography.

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