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There are many places where you don’t usually go with your camera. But there is no place you can go leaving your inner photographer back home. There is no particular time and place for photography. A photographer is always on duty. But, it’s not possible to carry a camera all the time. This is an issue most of the passionate photographers deal with. But… Smartphones seem to have changed the game. At least in 2019, DSLRs are not the only kind of cameras to rely upon for your photography needs. Latest smartphones packed with quality cameras and advanced camera settings have successfully emerged as a strong option over a period of time. Even the budget devices can easily take care of your needs on a moderate level. A few simple tricks are what it takes when you want to amaze your friends with your pictures on social media without any involvement of a DSLR.

Take a look at some of these tricks to keep up with your camera game –

Basic things to remember –

Be it an iPhone or a camera-centered android device, you need to take care of some basics before getting some good snaps out of it. When I say basics, I’m actually talking about tiny things such as adjusting focus and avoiding the use of zoom. zooming in will result in a quality drop in your images by it fading away the details. Apart from this, if your phone lacks ESS, keep your hands still before taping the click button to avoid shaky outcomes.

Use the camera settings wisely –

Be mindful of camera settings your smartphone provides you with. A particular selection of settings can bring a noticeable difference in your images. White balance, exposure, HDR, and focus play an important role in the creation of a picture. When the object is within the frame, try different angles and settings before hitting the shutter button.

Know how to use camera modes the right way –

Same camera, same object – but a different picture. The difference can be big or small based on how efficiently you use the camera settings and modes. A good picture is a perfect example of smart work. Open your camera interface, focus on the object, adjust the exposure and set it on the point that makes the object look more appealing, and then hit the shutter button. Same goes with HRD mode when you have to try to lock brightness and dark within the same frame. Your camera struggles in normal mode but using HDR will fix it if used as a pro. While adjusting the HDR effect, find a midpoint where the camera is able to keep a perfect balance between brightness and dark. Finding that mid-point is not that difficult at all.

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