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5 Actionable tips to become a pro freelancer photographer

Who doesn’t dream of being his/her own boss while enjoying the each bit of the freedom that the freelancing offers? Let us all admit that we want to get over our 9 to 5 job and work for ourselves with no one around to give instructions or review our work. As the time is changing rapidly, the range of available options for earning a living is getting wider. Freelancing is one of them and drawing the attentions of a large working population around the globe. But each coin has two sides, freelancing is no exception. Being a freelancer, you get to enjoy all the benefits of freelancing, but, on other hand, there are some draw-backs as well that can’t be ignored.

Well, we are not here to discuss pros and cons of freelancing. This post is all about guiding you to establish yourself as a successful freelancer. With freelancing, you can reach your financial goals if all the steps are taken wisely and aggressively with no compromises. Here is your point wise guide to successful freelance photography –

1.Be serious about it –

Just because you are enjoying your freedom, it in no way means that you can take your ‘job’ for granted. It’s a job where you create your own rules and set your deadlines & goals. Like every other job, freelancing needs your commitment, your time, and your dedication. Keep your camera ready 24*7. Even if you are a part time freelancer, be ready to dedicate your weekends to the photography. Go out, click whatever comes in your eye-sight. The more time you spend doing this, the more motivated you feel. Motivation is the biggest factor that will keep you going through all the ups and downs of your freelancing career.

2.Build your strong presence on social media –

As a freelancer, you don’t get a fixed amount of salary every month on a certain date. Your earnings depends on the number of projects you manage to grab from various clients.

Social media is the first such place where a client looks for someone whose services are worth their money. Mostly the well followed and active freelancers win the race. So the trick is - be active on social media, search for the clients, and get connected with other freelancers as well so that you can observe their work style and learn from their experience.

Find some unique online platforms other than the regular ones – You can find countless websites and apps in a particular niche on the internet. Hence, there are many apps available for you also. However, you are not going to test all these app one by one to find which one suits you the most. There are only few apps out there that returns the value for the time you invest on them. Let’s Connect Lens is one such app. You can download and create a profile on the app as a photographer. Loaded with many useful features, this is a great way to keep yourself in front of thousands of clients all the time.

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