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Some lesser-known Facts about Photography

Ever travelled back in time by looking at an old picture of you and thanked the inventor of the camera? Don’t you cherish the fact that you are born in a time when the photography is far simpler than ever? Or just tell us anything better than freezing a particular moment and keeping it alive for decades. Photography has an important place in our lives as well as in hearts. Technology has a habit of making the old gadgets look dummy and funny. Photography is no exception. Cameras too have come through each point of evolution like all other inventions to take over the world. Even though photography has emerged as a big thing now, it has lots of interesting facts to learn and talk about.

Below facts have been collected to expand your knowledge. Do have a look –

1.Since the day mobile phones have introduced front cameras, taking a selfie went on becoming a common activity among people. If reports are to be believed, a day doesn’t end until about 1 billion selfies are taken.

2.The first ever selfie was taken in 1839 by Mr. Robert Cornelius, an American photographer who is widely known for pioneering the photography culture in America. Looks like they didn’t have social media to post the selfie back then. Google and see how he had posed without making a pout.

3.You can hardly see anyone smile in the pictures from the mid of 18th century or before that time. It’s not that the cameramen didn’t ask them to say cheese. It’s their cameras which had this irritating exposure time of from several minutes to hours. You had to put a smile on your face and keep it that way straight for minutes while looking at the camera that could capture you at any given second.

4.The very first photo-shopped picture was created in 1861 in which the face of Abraham Lincoln was prefixed over the body of John Calhoun, the seventh vice president of US. (google it to see).

5.While we can’t settle on any smartphone providing the camera below than 13 megapixels, the first digital camera was 0.01 megapixels and available to buy for $999 (the cost of an I-phone x).

6.Even though we don’t know much anything about what you have seen so far, we are sure that you have seen the below posted pictures many a time. This is the officially most viewed picture in the world. Windows XP’s default wallpaper – remember it? Another fact about it is that this is the real picture clicked in 1996 just before the launch of this OS.

7.Astronauts involved in Apollo mission had carried 12 Hasselblad cameras along to take pictures of the lunar surface and all of their activities during the mission. When they packed up to get back, they took a stone weighing around 25 kgs for experiment purpose which was causing the over-weight. So instead, they had to leave those cameras on the moon itself to fly back to the earth safely.

8.World fastest camera, named as T-CUP, can shoot 10 trillion frames before a second gets over. It is able enough to capture the light in slow motion. In other words, this insanely fast camera outruns even the light in terms of speed. Now this is something to go ‘wow’ at, isn’t it?

Hope you enjoyed your read as much as I did while writing it. The bonus fact about the photography is the more you get to know it, the more you fall in love with it. Learn about it to discover another love of your life.

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