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Can Photography be a good career choice?

Like every other stream of art, Photography too has completed its journey from the absolute nothing to becoming an important part of people’s life. When we look back, roughly 2 decades ago, the cameras meant to be operated by professionals and getting a pic clicked was quite a big deal for kids as well as elders. When the first camera was built, it was giant. Who would have thought that upgrades of that giant ugly thing was going to stun the world in upcoming years? Now talking about the present, technology has handed a camera to every person. Even advanced & professional cameras have become common nowadays. Our obsession with experiments has made the picture-taking more fascinating than ever. Be it a trip, function or anything, all are incomplete without selfies. From us having to wait for days to see our pics from the last function to just tapping once to make it happen, photography has been modernized a lot. One tap to click and another to delete until we get that perfect shot - so easier things have become!!

With each passing day, photography is attracting more and more people to find their careers in it. Apart from this, it’s become a tool for many to give a glimpse of their creativity. Although photography offers countless professions, there are a number of professions which are not primarily about photography yet can’t survive without it. Journalism, digital marketing, online retailing, to name a few. Besides that, ever imagined what social media would be like if we took all photos out of it?

Converting your love for photography into a career can be a life-changing idea. Once you consider it seriously, it provides you with several options to choose from based on your specializations and interests. Becoming a freelance photographer is one of those options that’s being popular with the rise of social media. It takes a professional camera and some basic skills along with a passion for photography - that’s it. Rest of things are taken care by the internet and social media by getting you your clients. Why freelance photography is the best? – Well, for two big reasons –

Gets you simple money out of your hobby. Sharpens your skills by getting your involved in what you love to do. And above all, it doesn’t require you to sit on a chair with a computer screen on your face all day long. You are your own boss. This sense of freedom is the best thing you get out of it. Go for it. Every camera click is worth a price.

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