Our Story

About Us

Just over a year ago, we became fascinated by the idea of discovering the beauty of world in everything through some one else’s eyes. And why not? The beauty is in the eye of viewer of course but the pictures can take you into the memories you live that time.
The fact of photo lover can’t be denied. Your world of “PHOTOGRAPHY” stays not only with you, it passes over generations to generations.


And believe us. There are no rules for photography, there are only good photographs and yes! There are no bad pictures too; that’s just how things look sometimes.
What if you have a camera but not a lens? or What if you loved to be clicked but facing a bundle of hassle to find a perfect Photographer? Here we come into the pictures; “LET’S CONNECT LENS” bridges the gap between the “PHOTOGRAPHERS” and the “USER”. Be it an experienced photographer or a fresher you all can kick start your carrier and can be “CONNECTED” to all the photo lover who comes on this platform as a “USER”.

What all you need is a platform so “CONNECT” through “LET’S CONNECT LENS” this is it!
It is a new connect everyday with world best photographer & between the users.
Crack your deal on your own terms or hire the best photographer within your budget.
Together this is possible on same platform with your Area, City or Country.
Fashion, Wedding, Portrait, Food, Pet, Baby, Videography are not the only limits of LET’S CONNECT LENS.


Competency – We will process your request in a timely manner and adhere with your demands in terms of time and description; and our guarantee to you of proficient, superior and quality services.
Understanding – We will learn about your requirements in order to better understand your needs; we will build a relationship with you and photographers ensuring to improve the efficiency of our services between; we will communicate openly with you because we believe collaboration with our all users is key to our success.
Reliability – We are flexible enough to take all your feedback and the requests in order to make this app user-friendly ensuring the trust build between you and us.

LCL is an application for Photographers and Users to collaborate.
For questions regarding the services please visit www.letsconnectlens.com
Otherwise, feel free to get in touch any time by sending us an email contactus@letsconnectlens.com